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My 2 cents on the LBD drama thing…

I’m not gonna lie — the first time one of my post gotten a like by the LBD crew, I was so excited that I jumped around my room in circles.

And I get that there’s a learning curve.  Heck, some A-listers and producers of prime time network three gajillion viewer shows are still on this learning curve.  And I’m glad that the creators of the show are so readily accessible to answer the fandom’s questions.  But there’s a difference between answering questions and airing personal opinions.

This post eloquently put most of what I wanted to say, but I just want to add that while I understand and expect the creators of a certain arc or episode to promote their own work more, and in an adaptation of a book as widely known as Pride and Prejudice everyone will have their favorite arcs, as part of a team to create an overall series it’s unprofessional to admit to the fans that you care more about a certain arc than others.

Yes, fandom can have those opinions.  And the writers may definitely have their own opinions, but those opinions should stay in the writing/creating process.  Because inferring that the author/creator don’t care as much about certain characters/arc is one thing, and as a viewer it’s easy to dismiss the inference because everyone views things differently.  But when the opinion comes from one of the TPTB, it colors the viewing experience.  I am not saying that it is for everyone, but for me it is harder to view the story as a whole, coherent piece when I know what the writer’s personal opinions regarding an arc is.

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